Saturday, January 29, 2011

Track Shack Introduces Jr. Training Programs!

So right after Big Sprout and I talked about getting the DuathLONG club back in action, I received an e-mail from Betsy at the Track Shack to let me know about their new Jr. Track Shack Fitness Training Program.

As a veteran of Track Shack's marathon programs, I can tell you what a fantastic job they do with their training groups. In fact, I can't imagine having ever run a marathon (much less 11) without the support of a group and the advice of their coaches. Although the marathon training program was the only one they had back when I started, they now have a wide range of programs to suit any fitness goal.

The WRAP program is designed to help beginners improve their fitness through walking or running, while Five & Dime helps runners improve their 5K and 10K times. For the long-distance runner, Marathonfest and Galloway programs can help you meet your marathon or half-marathon goals.

The Jr. Track Shack Fitness Program, new for Winter 2011, is an 8-week training session designed for kids ages 8-12 that is designed to introduce kids to running in a fun and engaging way to instill healthy habits for a lifetime. The group will meet two evenings a week to train for the Smile Mile and the 2-miler at the Winter Park Road Race. The cost of the program is $80, which includes 8 weeks of training plus entry fees to both events.

If you're in the Orlando area and have kids in this age range, you can visit Track Shack's website for more information. Be sure to tell them that Growing Healthy Sprouts sent you, and I'd love to hear about your experience!

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