Monday, January 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week of January 31st

I'm back from my mini-vacation and ready to get cooking . . . well, "ready" may be a stretch since I haven't grocery shopped yet.

Having spent a long weekend in St. Pete with my mom, I discovered another wonderful benefit of eating a plant-based diet - not being tempted by the dozens of goodies in bakeries and desserts at restaurants. Not eating dairy or eggs makes it so much easier to pass these by . . . whereas before I probably would have just given it up to being on vacation.

Moving on to our week, I think I can scrounge up some oatmeal for breakfast before we do school for the morning. If we can wrap up on time, I'm planning to take the kiddos out to lunch, then grocery shop on the way home.

Here's what will be cooking in our kitchen this week:

Advance Preparation
Make veggie tray (Jim) - Monday
Make maple pecan butter (thanks Celeste!) - Monday
Make balsamic dressing - Monday
Cook chickpeas and black beans - Tuesday
Make bagels - Tuesday
Make cashew cheese log - Tuesday 

Breakfast: Oatmeal; fruit
Lunch: Out
Dinner: Gravy Bowl (chickpeas, brown rice, kale & chickpea gravy); salad

Breakfast: Green smoothie, whole wheat toast with pecan butter & banana
Lunch: Gravy Bowl leftovers with a salad
Dinner: Roasted asparagus, creamed corn, spinach salad with strawberries & walnuts

Breakfast: Green smoothie; fruit
Lunch: Southwest veggie wrap (will share recipe)
Dinner: Alphabet soup (will share recipe) & salad

Breakfast: Bagels with "cashew cream cheese"
Lunch: Leftover soup & salad
Dinner: Gold Rush Chili, cornbread, broccoli  

Breakfast: Green smoothie; apple with pecan butter
Lunch: Chickpea salad with broccoli & vegan feta (finally making this - will share if it turns out well!)
Dinner: Taco salad (using leftover chili) 

Breakfast: Bagel with "cashew cream cheese"; fruit 
Lunch: Out 
Dinner: Green Goddess Pasta; salad 

Breakfast: Zucchini nut pancakes (will share recipe)
Lunch: Leftover pasta
Dinner: BLT's (made with Eggplant Bacon)

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  1. I would be interested in your bagel recipe.