Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ethos Vegan Kitchen Turns 3!!!

Today, one of our favorite restaurants, Ethos Vegan Kitchen is celebrating their third birthday . . . and we're celebrating three years of having a restaurant in town from which we can actually order anything on the menu! Visit today and receive a free cookie as part of their celebration.

I'll be posting a full restaurant review later this weekend!


  1. I like Ethos but I wish they would adopt healthier methods of cooking. Like use whole grain flour and brown rice or whole wheat pasta, not use so much oil and salt. They have some healthy options but I'd really like to see them have a few more Entrees that are low fat...let's talk to them! :)

  2. Yes, that would be nice . . . but I also look at it as our one "splurge". :)

    I do wish they had some kind of combo - I love their sandwiches but usually would rather have just half of one with a salad.