Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - The DuathLONG Club is Back!

Nutrition is just one aspect of good health; keeping kids active is essential, too. On Saturdays, we'll be sharing some of the Sprouts' favorite activities and keeping you posted on activities for kids in the Orlando area. 
 Last year, Big Sprout told me that he wanted to start a club. I thought he was talking about the kind with a secret knock and a "No Grown-ups Allowed" sign on the door . . . but it turns out that he wanted to start a triathlon training club to teach all his friends how to do a triathlon. It sounded fun to me, so that's what we did.

Unfortunately, kids triathlons are in short supply, so we settled on a kids duathlon instead, for which he chose the name DuathLONG ("Long" is our last name). The kids trained for the run-bike-run event for two months and on race day, all seven of them completed the race, including Little Sprout who was three years old at the time! 

Two months later, Big Sprout and a friend completed their first triathlon together, and he went on to complete two more triathlons later in the year. The last triathlon of the season was open to ages four and up, so Little Sprout was thrilled to get to make her triathlon debut.

We've been missing the club lately, so since we can't find any local multi-sport races, I suggested to Big Sprout that we pick out some running events. He decided on the Smile Mile, a one-mile race just for kids, and the 2-miler at the Winter Park Road Race for moms and kids to complete together. If you're in the Orlando area and would like to join us, we'd love to have you run with us!


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