Friday, January 14, 2011

More Quick Breakfast Ideas

For the longest time, we were stuck in a huge cereal rut. Even though we bought healthy cereal and paired it with fresh fruit and nuts each morning, I knew we could be making better choices. But since I don't "cook" breakfast, I needed ideas that could be quickly "assembled" each morning.

Our first step was adding a green smoothie almost every morning, but just a few weeks ago, we used up the last of the cereal and I'm not buying more. Being forced to be a little more creative has already given me a great rotation of breakfast ideas that are healthier but still quick and easy.

Sliced apples with peanut butter are now part of our breakfast rotation, usually paired with more fruit and a green smoothie. This works especially well at the end of the week when some of our more perishable fruit has been eaten and we're running low on food.

Sprout Ratings
Big Spout - 5 sprouts
Little Spout - 5 sprouts


  1. My two year old loves apples with peanut butter. It's an old breakfast standard for us.