Monday, January 31, 2011

$1.00 Rice Milk at Publix

The Sprouts and I just returned from an unusual Monday grocery shopping in which we hit two natural markets plus Publix. It seems like deals on natural and organic products are few and far between lately, so I was excited to find a deal on Rice Dream. Although we usually use almond milk, this deal is good enough to sway me for a few weeks.

Rice Dream refrigerated half gallons are on sale 2 for $5 until February 11th. At $2.50/each, you can buy 10 for $25, then print and use the following coupons:

- 5 of the $1/2 Rice Dream products from Whole Foods (competitor Q)
- 10 of the $0.50/1 Rice Dream products from Earth Fare (MFR Q)

This brings the price down to $15 for 10 cartons (they keep well), or $1.50 each. If your store accepts Save-a-Lot as a competitor (as mine does), you can also sign up for their Smart Shopper Club and use the $5/$25 coupon as well, bringing the cost down to $1/carton.

On a side note, Almond Breeze and Silk Almond Milk are also on sale 2/$5 at Publix this week.


  1. Nice buy! I wonder if Rice Milk would freeze? Silk routinely sends coupons if you sign up on their website.

  2. I've heard of people freezing it, but I've never tried it. We usually go through two half-gallons per week, and mine are dated for the end of March. I don't think I'd have space to store more than we'd drink in that time.

    Almond Breeze was free (with coupons) for a while last spring, and I had enough to take up most of my fridge. LOL! :)