Thursday, January 13, 2011

Butternut Coconut Rice

As I mentioned earlier, this recipe won rave reviews from the whole family last week when I cooked it for the first time. It's from my new favorite cookbook, Appetite for Reduction, which is filled with all the delicious recipes I've come to expect from Isa's cookbooks with a much-appreciated healthy twist.

I did tweak the recipe a bit to take out the spices since the Sprouts don't like anything too spicy. I omitted the red pepper and ginger, used lime juice instead of zest and used the whole can of coconut milk. Somehow, tonight's batch - while still delicious - didn't quite live up to the original. And since I changed the recipe a bit, I can't figure out quite what went wrong, but I'm suspecting I either added too much rice (it was a little drier and not as creamy) and/or didn't use enough lime juice. In any case, it's still a huge hit in our house but I'll be tweaking a little more next time. And one day, just for fun, I want to try the exact recipe. We'll probably love it, and if the kids don't, I guess that's just more for us.

I'd planned on pairing this with a salad, but today's lunch pretty much wiped out my greens (and the ones in my garden aren't looking the best). Instead, I just steamed the little bit of broccoli (Little Sprout's favorite part of the meal) I had left along with some sliced carrots.

Sprout Ratings
Big Sprout - 5 sprouts
Little Sprout - 5 sprouts (although she didn't eat it as eagerly as the first time)
Mama Sprout - 5 sprouts
Daddy Sprout - 3 1/2 (down from 4 1/2 the first time I made it)

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