Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet on Sunday - Banana Splits

As I've mentioned, my kids certainly aren't kale-loving creatures by nature. We foster good habits through a healthy plant-based diet, but they definitely love treats from time to time (or as often as I'll allow). Fortunately, I've found many healthier ways to indulge their sweet tooth - although you'll probably get plenty of traditional treats in here as well.

So I'm not sure how the kids know about banana splits, but they've been talking about them recently. And as I admitted to Jim tonight, I'm not sure I've ever had one, much less made one. But tonight I gave it a shot and they turned out great! We had leftovers, so I'm going to guess that it would easily serve six.

FYI, the healthier version of this recipe, the Banana Split Sundae, is coming next Sunday!

Banana Splits

6 bananas
4 ounces vegan chocolate, melted (I used semi-sweet baking squares)
1/2 cup salted peanuts, chopped

Half bananas lengthwise, and place two halves in each bowl. Top with ice cream, melted chocolate and peanuts (divided equally between each dish). Enjoy!

Sprout Ratings
Big Sprout - 5 sprouts
Little Sprout - 5 sprouts
Mama Sprout - 5 sprouts
Daddy Sprout - 5 sprouts


  1. Yum! Bananas are a mainstay in my diet. Love them!

  2. You should see what I'm doing with them next Sunday! Hope you got the Blendtec. :)