Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Big Sprout on Sports

Nutrition is just one aspect of good health; keeping kids active is essential, too. On Saturdays, we'll be sharing some of the Sprouts' favorite activities and keeping you posted on activities for kids in the Orlando area.

Today is Stay Active Saturday, and I want to tell you about some things we do to stay healthy and active. I like to go outside every day of the week to play a sport or two. Right now, I play with my friend Caleb outside when he is available. We play all sorts of sports, like soccer, tennis, golf and hockey. Sometimes we do silly stuff like pretending to fall (on purpose) to make it Silly Sports.

Last year, I learned how to ice skate and played ice hockey. I was also on the swim team last summer and won at least 16 first-place ribbons. I also ran a 5K with Mama Sprout and did a duathlon with my sister and some friends. I also did my first triathlon and won third place. A triathlon is three different sports all kept together (swimming, biking and running). My third triathlon, I won first place and a gold trophy!

This year, I am playing baseball. I just did my first practice this week and I've been practicing with Daddy Sprout. When I was practicing catching the ball, it was a bad throw and I caught it in my mitt right as it was touching the ground. I also want to do some ice skating this year and also biking. A few weeks ago, we went mountain biking, but it was kind of tough.

I think it's important to be active because it keeps your body running. If you didn't, your body would get weak. And, being active is fun too!


  1. I bet you would be lots of fun to play a game with! Is it hard sometimes when you don't win?

  2. W & K can't wait to do some biking with you soon!

  3. From Big Sprout:

    Miss Sarah, it's the fun that matters.
    First answer was just "No", so I had to ask him to elaborate. LOL!)

    Miss Jill, we can go biking in one week. (To me: "Actually, make that six days because she's going to read it in the morning.)

    From Little Sprout:
    Can Kristen ride next to me?