Friday, January 21, 2011

Tips & Tricks - Timing Healthy Snacks

So this is something I've known for a while yet am not quite organized to pull off on a regular basis - until now. Twice this week, we were out at homeschool events all morning and I packed a snack of raw veggies, nuts and fruit. Wednesday, we ate it in the car on the way home from Lego League, and it worked out great for several reasons.

First, had we not snacked, we would have been really hungry by the time we got home (after 1PM), and I would have eaten (and fed them) the first thing I grabbed out of the fridge. Also, even though my kids will snack on veggies and nuts with minimal grumbling, they'll always ask for something else if it's available. In this case, they couldn't ask for anything else; they polished off every last bit and I didn't have to hear any whining about how they'd really like an English muffin.

Best of all, with my veggie tray made, I can throw this together in a minute or two, pack it into our Tiffin carrier and be on time for wherever we're going. Okay, so that last part is probably not true, but it really is the easiest snack ever!

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