Monday, January 17, 2011

About Being Vegan (by Big Sprout)

Well, if you want you can be vegan like us. Eating vegan also helps your body and keeps your arteries clear. Now, there are also some other things about being vegan. 

1. You don't hurt any animals, including cute ones.
2. Now when you become vegan, stuff changes in your body. When you eat healthier, you can open up new brain cells. It's actually true.
3. The third thing about being vegan is that there are plenty of choices that look and taste so delicious.
4. Now the fourth thing about being vegan is that there are so many fruits and vegetables that have pretty different colors and all the nutrition. You can make all different types of salads that are as delicious as the ones that aren't vegan.
5. Eating vegan makes you feel nice and good.
6. When you eat vegan, you can make vegan desserts. It doesn't mean you can't eat desserts anymore. Mama Sprout is making a delicious banana split this week.


  1. my "sprouts" say their favorite thing about being vegan is being allowed to eat raw cookie dough :)

  2. Hey, that's my favorite, too. LOL! :)

  3. You make a very convincing argument! Very well written, sir :)

  4. Big Sprout, what is your favorite vegan dessert? Could you ask Mama Sprout to make some of it and deliver it with the recipe? Thank you. Your friend and "budding vegan" Carol

  5. Oh, Carol, this is so going to make his day. He keeps asking if he's gotten any more comments. LOL! And you asked about this favorite topic - dessert. He'll be sure to answer you tomorrow. :)

  6. Miss Carol, we just tried the banana split and it's my favorite. The recipe is coming tomorrow but it might melt if we bring it to your house. There is another one we can bring for Valentine's Day, but I want it to be a surprise (said in a hushed voice). :)