Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crazy for Kombucha

So I got hooked on kombucha just in time for it to be pulled from the shelves while they investigated the possibility of containing a tiny amount of alcohol. Not to be deterred, I went with a friend to the Florida School of Holistic Living to learn how to make my own.

These days, of course, kombucha is back on the shelves, but I like the homemade version at least as well. I can make any flavor I want, and the cost is much less than buying it bottled. We make it every other week or so in 1 1/2 gallon batches, and - now that the kids love it too - it goes pretty quickly! Big Sprout loves the key lime, Little Sprout likes apple pie and my favorite is the mojito. Grape, cherry, lemon, cranberry-raisin and cinnamon-clove have also been popular flavors.

In case you haven't heard of kombucha before, it is a fermented tea that is supposed to aid digestion and have a probiotic effect in the body. You can read up on it at the Kombucha Kamp website or learn how to make your own by taking a class with Vicki at the Florida School of Holistic Living. The next class is this Saturday (1/15) at 10:00AM.


  1. Isn't it fun to make your own kombucha? And so-o-o easy, such a natural process... It's gotta be the original "fix it & forget it"! :-)

    It's also very amazing how wonderful this probiotic is for your body. These lacto-ferments provide riboflavin & vitamin B, plus kombucha creates wonderful "good" flora for your gut.

    And of course, it's way cool that you can make it in so many flavors, and each has its own personality! Enjoy!

    P.S. Here's more info about the holistic school, BTW:

  2. Yes, I definitely appreciate how flexible it is - that I don't have to leave it for an exact amount of time for it to come out well.

    We have definitely been enjoying playing with new flavors and learning more about the health benefits.

  3. Great blog! I'm taking the class this weekend - have been trying to for months, but there's always a conflict. As a fellow veg chick in Central Florida, I salute you!!

  4. So glad you are finally getting to the class. I loved leaving with all I needed to get started! Enjoy!