Thursday, January 20, 2011

EPCOT's Chefs de France

We ended up eating at Chefs de France at EPCOT today, which was one of our favorite park restaurants in our pre-vegan days. I have fond memories of Noah as a toddler enjoying salad, quiche and French onion soup there while sneaking sips of my iced tea.

Today, our menu options are much more limited. No one at the restaurant grasped the word "vegan", and when I explained that we didn't eat meat, eggs or dairy, they looked at us with pity thinking that we must have horrible food allergies. We had actually planned to bring a snack to the park and eat a late lunch on our way home, but we were having such a great time that we wanted to stay longer - which explains our dropping in unannounced with no reservation and no pre-explanation of our dietary requirements.

Back when we still ate a little cheese, I remember loving the vegetable lasagna there, so I asked if they could prepare it without the cheese. They were more than happy to oblige, although they did decline the cut the dish that the Sprouts were sharing in half because they were worried it would look sloppy on the plate. And, of course, they were right. Here's a picture of Big Sprout's dish after I served him his half.

So, I posted this not so you could see how unattractive it looked, but so you could see what was in there. The lasagna was three large lasagna noodles layered with a light red sauce (tasted like roasted red pepper) filled with chopped veggies, including eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomato and onions. It was nice to have a veggie pasta dish that was actually loaded with veggies. We all enjoyed it, but next time I'll definitely add a salad and take a closer look at the veggie sides that they have available.

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