Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday - Another Veggie Plate

Last weeks' veggie plate was such a hit in our house, that I promised to make one every week. This week was super simple . . . I steamed the broccoli and asparagus together, made the Creamed Corn recipe from Appetite for Reduction and . . . voila - dinner! I love that the Creamed Corn has no cream or added fat, and the asparagus, which we usually enjoy plain, got dressed up with a little of The Best Ever Cashew Cream Sauce (recipe coming on Friday).


  1. Vegan cream corn? Can it be? I think I'm in love. I must get my hands on that recipe book lol.

  2. It's SO good. I need to remember to make a double batch next time. One isn't enough - I want leftovers!