Sunday, March 13, 2011

Expanded Organics at Colonial Town Park Publix

The Publix that I usually shop at, located in the Colonial Town Park plaza in Lake Mary, has a wonderful, newly-expanded organic produce section. I much prefer my produce without plastic wrap or packaging, so it was nice to see many new organic items looking more like they'd come from the farm than from a factory.

Among the new organic offerings are beets, radishes, chard, leeks, herbs, carrots (with tops!) and red leaf lettuce. And since we had a nice organic section with all the usual produce before, the selection is now really impressive.


Since these pictures were taken, they fruit/potato section has been moved into a large, four-sided display with even more produce.

I've always loved shopping at this store, especially since they are very coupon-friendly. Even though we have another Publix location closer to our house, this store's commitment to organics keeps me coming back.

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