Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food for Thought Thursday - The "No Meat Athlete" Goes Vegan

I've been enjoying reading posts over at the No Meat Athlete for quite a while now; obviously, the combination of distance running and a plant-based diet appeals to me. And although he's experimented with a vegan diet several times and eats a minimal amount of dairy and eggs, he's always called himself vegetarian rather than vegan . . . until now.

His journey reminds me much of my own, reducing dairy more and more until one day, for ethical reasons, I decided I was done with it completely. I've shared my story in the past, but you can read his here now.

I especially appreciated the part where he expressed concern about sharing the ethical side of his decision on his blog, as I always feel much the same way. I struggle to find the line between sharing what works for our family while still providing information useful to everyone - no matter what their dietary choices may be. Because I know that healthy, happy kids is what we all truly want.


  1. And healthy adults :-) I think you do a great job of balancing information with your personal views. I like understanding blogger's personal values and positions on topics. It helps me either connect even more strongly or open my mind to understanding another point of view. Here I am, with no little ones...just a 6'4" 20 year old who is away at college and I love reading and promoting your site. Add a tag's not just for little kids...:-)

  2. Thanks so much, Carol. That means a lot to me. And I love the tag line!!! Going to have to see how I can work that in. :)

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for the shout-out! I'm loving the vegan life so far, even though it's only been a week. No different than vegetarian, really, since I haven't gone out to eat yet.

    Yeah, the ethical thing is tough, isn't it? On one hand, as bloggers we're in a position to reach more people with the message, so it's tempting. But I really do find it more effective, for my audience at least, to talk about the benefits of a plant-based diet from a health perspective rather than going into any of that other stuff, important as it is. But I do think there's room out there for someone to do it well, in a way that isn't preachy and helps rather than harms our cause.

  4. Hi Matt. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I'm always paranoid about offending people, so I try to err on the site of caution. Sometimes I get really worked up (like after hearing Melanie Joy speak, for example) and it's hard to hold back.

    It's funny . . . I was always leary about becoming one of those "radical" animal activists . . . only to find out there's a really good reason why they feel so strongly about the issue. But, I completely agree that a moderate approach will do more to help the cause.

    I always enjoy reading your posts and am so glad someone is spreading the idea of plant foods to the running community. I look back on the countless greasy bacon & egg breakfasts I ate with triathlete friends during Ironman training and just cringe. So many people think that endurance training gives you a free pass at the dinner table - and I'm so grateful to have (eventually) found a better way!