Friday, March 18, 2011

Fun Food Friday - Rainbow Salad

As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, we made our St. Patty's Day a bit early this week since our Thursday nights have become a back-to-back marathon of activities - baseball and soccer practice (the Sprouts) and dance class and troupe rehearsal (me).

To go along with our Potato Soup, we enjoyed this Rainbow Salad, which I've had in my head for a few weeks as a fun way for the Sprouts to enjoy a little salad bar at home and top their greens with the full spectrum of colors.

We used tomatoes, carrots, yellow pepper, peas and cabbage, omitting a blue because, frankly, I couldn't think of one. Next time, we may try taking our toppings to the sweet side so we can add some blueberries for a full rainbow.

Here are some other ideas to mix and match your own Rainbow Salad:

Red: tomatoes, red pepper, beets, strawberries, dried cranberries
Orange: carrots, orange pepper, mandarin oranges
Yellow: yellow pepper, yellow squash
Green: peas, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, green pepper,snow peas, green grapes
Blue: blueberries
Purple: purple cabbage, purple grapes

The Sprouts loved choosing their toppings with the colorful veggies! More fun salad ideas are coming soon to Fun Food Friday!