Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Offers from Martial Arts Center for Health

To follow up on my last Stay Active Saturday post, I wanted to share a few specials from the Martial Arts Center for Health. First, they are offering a free lesson (group or private) if you'd like to try out a class.

Also, they have a wonderful special going on right now. For only $195, you can get three months of classes and a uniform. And if another family member wants to join you, it's only an additional $50 (again, for three months of classes and a uniform!)

When you sign up for classes, you are not limited as to the number of classes you can take - you can go every day if you'd like. When Big Sprout first started, I remember thinking that the monthly cost was about the same as I'd been paying for the Little Gym - which was one day a week as opposed to the three days a week he could go to martial arts. And, I've always appreciated that there are no contracts. Especially for the kids classes, it's nice to be able to start and stop as needed based on their interest level and other commitments.

Additional information can be found on their website. If you have questions or are interested in classes, you can contact the center at 407-774-1186 or via e-mail. Be sure to tell them that Growing Healthy Sprouts sent you!


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