Sunday, March 6, 2011

M & M Vitamins in Lake Mary

This afternoon, as I was making my meal plan and grocery list for the upcoming week, Big Sprout started flipping through Appetite for Reduction and picked out a recipe he wanted to cook tonight. So, I scrapped our dinner plans and made sure we had all the ingredients he'd need. All went well until I remembered that I'd used the last of the nutritional yeast in my cashew cream sauce.

Our Publix has many great natural and organic products, but nutritional yeast isn't one of them. And since I didn't feel like driving 30 minutes to Whole Foods for one item, I thought that Big Sprout was out of luck for today . . . until I remembered a small, local health food store I found a few weeks ago.

Turns out, M & M Vitamins in Lake Mary saved the day. Not only did I get the nutritional yeast needed for the recipe, but I also picked up a few other items on my list. I was impressed by both the selection and the prices of their organic produce, and they have a small refrigerated case filled with many of the items - Daiya cheese, vegan feta, etc. - that would usually require a trip to Whole Foods. They also carry a large selection of supplements, and baked goods from DeLand Bakery.

I'll definitely be visiting more often now that I know what a nice selection they carry!


  1. Yay! We'll definitely check this place out.

  2. It's small, but they really do have a good selection.