Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweet on Sunday - New Gluten-Free Bakery in Winter Park

Jim has mentioned a few times that an acquaintance from his martial arts studio recently opened a gluten-free bakery in Winter Park, but it wasn't until recently that I learned they had added a few vegan items to their menu. So when I saw it the other day - practically attached to the store I'd stopped at for pet food -  I decided to treat the Sprouts to a cupcake at Natural Delights.

Once there, I was surprised to learn that not only were all their items gluten-free but sugar-free as well. Instead of refined sugar, all their goodies are sweetened with stevia, agave, dates or yacon syrup (a sweetener that was definitely new to me). In addition to the sweets, they also make smoothies and their Green Goddess (spinach, cucumber, green apple, green grapes & kiwi) is on my list to try on our next visit.

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