Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Kids Multisport Events

In our pre-baby days, Jim was a competitive cyclist and I was a (very recreational) triathlete and marathoner, so as you can imagine, our Sprouts have plenty of exposure to biking and running. Fortunately, they seem to love both.

Big Sprout started asking to do a triathlon well before his fourth birthday, and while I couldn't find a tri that would let him race, he did complete his first duathlon at age 4. Since then, he's done another duathlon and this past year, he was finally old enough to do a few triathlons.

Little Sprout raced in her first duathlon last year at age 3, and completed her first triathlon a few months after her 4th birthday. She is such a great combination of girlie girl and tomboy - she's not afraid to get a little dirt under her (sparkly, painted) nails. And she can run like the wind!

Currently, we are checking the spring race calendars to find the most kid-friendly multisport events and preparing to restart our DuathLONG training club so the kids can train with their friends. They'll meet one day a week to practice running and biking, along with some fun, active games.

Interested in checking out kids' multisport events? TriFind is a great website where you can search for events in your area.

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