Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maple Pecan Butter

Oh my goodness . . . there is no way I could take a picture that would in any way convey how amazing this Maple Pecan Butter tastes. You'll just have to try it and taste for yourself.

The recipe comes from Celeste at Growing Up Veg, and the Sprouts and I are thrilled to have found it. Even though I am without a food processor at the moment (I keep breaking them), this actually worked really well in the Vitamix and was so easy to make.

I'm not sure why I've never made nut butter before, but I can certainly see myself making many more in the future!


  1. This looks soo delicious. I definitely need to invest in a food processor!

  2. You can try it in the blender, especially if you have one with a tamper (to push it into the blades). I am food processor-less at the moment, too. I always buy the cheap ones, and they never last long. :/

  3. Oh, I do have a blender! I have no idea what a tamper is, I'll have to check the instructions if it has one. A really good food processor is on my wish list. It seems like a lot of vegan recipes demand one.

  4. I didn't know what a tamper was until I got my Vitamix, but I've heard that a lot of blenders have them. Basically, it fits down through the hole in the lid (stopping just short of the blades) to help push food into the blades.

    BTW, this pecan butter was AMAZING with Back to Nature graham cracker sticks. Yum!