Thursday, February 3, 2011

Food for Thought Thursday - Kids Who Eat Fruits & Veggies Reduce Heart Disease Risk As Adults

A recent article on CNN Health explains the results of research study that shows how children whose diets include a lot of fruits and vegetables have a lower risk for heart disease as adults. The results of the 27-year Finnish study were published in Circulation, Journal of the American Heart Association.

The article also shares tips from the American Heart Association on getting more fruits and vegetables into your child's diet:

"Make shopping for produce fun by visiting local markets or grocery stores and showing children how to choose ripe fruits and vegetables.

Involve children in preparing meals– teach them how to measure, and handle some of the ingredients.

Be a role model by eating and enjoying a wide range of fruits and vegetables and encouraging your kids to try new flavors.

Try growing your own fruits and vegetables. Create a kitchen garden and let your kids plant herbs, tomatoes and other foods that are fun to grow and eat.

If you're having trouble getting kids to eat more vegetables try surprising them by including grated or pureed carrots or zucchini into pasta or pizza sauces or in muffins. Casseroles can also include vegetables in a way that may not be as obvious.

Be patient– while your kids may push back at first, they may discover that pasta with shredded zucchini is their favorite dinner."

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