Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Kids Triathlons in Central Florida

To follow up on last week's post about kids multisport events, I'm putting together a list of upcoming kids triathlons in and around Central Florida.

Last year, the Sprouts also did triathlons at the DeLand YMCA (May), Winter Park YMCA (August) and Kids4Kids in Gainesville (September). I've contacted them all to see if they're doing events again this year and will provide updates as I hear back. In the meantime, here are the other events I've found . . .

Great Clermont Triathlon Kidz Triathlon
Clermont, FL 
Saturday, March 26th

Junior division (ages 6-10) - 100-yard swim, 2.5-mile bike, 1-mile run
Senior division (ages 11-14) - 200-yard swim, 5-mile bike, 2-mile run

Entry Fee:
$35 by March 30th ($40 until race day)

Star Kids Triathlon
Cocoa Beach, FL 
Sunday, April 10th

  • Betelgeuse (ages 6 & 7) – 50-yard swim, 3.7-mile bike, 1/2-mile run
  • Polaris (ages 8 & 9) – 100-yard swim, 3.7-mile bike, 1/2-mile run
  • Orion (ages 10-& 11) – 100-yard swim, 3.7-mile bike, 1-mile run
  • Regulus (ages 12 & 13) – 150-yard swim, 3.7 mile-bike, 1-mile run
  • Sirius (14-years-old) – 150-yard swim, 3.7-mile bike, 1-mile

Entry Fee:
$35 to February 10
$40 to March 10
$45 to April 8
$50.00 at packet pick-up

Tech shirts to all participants. Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group.

Other Notes:
Pool swim!!!

2011 Kids Triathlon Series Presented by Tri Motion Sports
Clermont, FL

  • Race #1- April 23, 2011
  • Race #2- June 4, 2011
  • Race #3 - August 27, 2011
  • Race #4 - October 8, 2011

Ages 10 & under: Swim 100y, Ride 2.2m & Run .6m
Ages 11 & up: Swim 200y, Ride 4.4m & Run 1.2m

Entry Fee:
$30/race or $90 for the 4-race series 

Finishers medals to all participants
Trophies for Top 3 in overall categories

The First Coast Kids Triathlon
Jacksonville, FL
Sunday, May 1st with pre-race pep rally on Saturday, April 30th

Juniors ages 5-10:  Swim 100 meters, Bike 3 miles, Run 1/2 mile
Seniors ages 11-15: Swim 200 meters, Bike 6 miles, Run 1 mile 

Entry Fee:

Other Notes:
Pool swim!!!

Ironkids Orlando
Orlando, FL 
Saturday, May 14th

Junior (ages 6 to 8): 50-yard swim, 2-mile bike and 500-yard run
Intermediate (ages 9 to 11): 150-yard swim, 4-mile bike and 1-mile run
Senior (ages 12 to 15): 300-yard swim, 8-mile bike and 2-mile run

Entry Fee:
$50 ($35 for additional family members) 

T-shirts, goody bag and medal to all participants.

Kids BFAST Triathlon
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Sunday, May 22nd

Juniors (Age Group 6-9) - 50 Yard Swim, 2 Mile Bike, 1/2 Mile Run
Seniors (Age Group 10-13) - 100 Yard Swim, 4 Mile Bike, 1 Mile Run

Entry Fee:
$45 ($40 for USAT members)

T-shirts, goody bag and medal to all participants. Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each age group.

Other Notes:
Pool swim!!!

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  1. Thanks for putting the Kid Tri list together! I just came across this today, and although all of the races are now over, I can at least see who ran the races and look for upcoming events :-) My 7 year old just did her first Tri (Ironkids) and loved it! Now all of my kids want to join in!