Saturday, April 2, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Making Memories

Today's Stay Active Saturday post comes from my friend Kristin at Mind Over Body. As a mom of three and a personal trainer/endurance athlete, I thought she was the perfect person to contribute tips on keeping kids active. Her post today is a great reminder that being active as a family doesn't require any fancy equipment and has long-lasting benefits that extend beyond health and fitness . . .

Making Memories
Guest post by Kristin at Mind Over Body

While I’m not a kids’ fitness expert, I do consider myself quite knowledgeable when it comes to kids and fitness. I have three children, and I’m a personal trainer, triathlete and marathoner. Since the age of three, there has never been a time in my life that I haven’t been involved in some kind of sport or activity. That is why it is so important that my kids get the same opportunity.  

Not only was I in organized team sports, but a regular tradition at home was time spent riding bikes with my father (growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey allowed for having plenty of back roads to ride on that weren’t busy). And it was time well spent; teaching me the importance of enjoying the outdoors, learning safety and time with my dad that will last forever. 

My kids happen to spend a lot of time outside, even if it’s just in front of our own house.  When they start getting crazy indoors, I know it’s time to head OUT of the door. Riding bikes, scooters, hopscotching and hula hooping are some of their favorites but, there are days when my husband or I step in and set up mini “races” for them to do - sometimes for fun and other times we give them little rewards to the person who wins. They are all different ages so we usually give the younger ones a head start.

I like to do silly races too. Some examples instead of running are skipping, hopping, galloping and crab crawling. It gets their heart rates up while making it fun. Some of the best moments from my childhood were spending time outdoors with my family. You don’t have to go anywhere special to get your kids moving - and they will have special memories with you that will last a lifetime. 

Kristin is a wife and mother of three whose passion for health and fitness drove her to pursue her personal training certification. In addition to competing in long-distance running and triathlon events, she enjoys reading, beach trips and cooking delicious, plant-based meals for her family. Visit her blog or Facebook page for additional fitness tips or to learn about her personal training services. And just for fun, I had to include this picture of us running the Disney Princess Half Marathon together last year!