Monday, April 11, 2011

More Farmer's Market Finds

I've been having a great time scoping out the local farmers markets, and so far, Sanford is still my favorite. I found the Wednesday market in DeLand to be too big and too far to go for too little local produce, and while I did find a great local vendor at Lake Eola, I'm not sure I'd make that drive every week.

Here's what I got on my last trip to the Sanford market - two huge heads of broccoli, a large head of romaine, a huge head of red leaf lettuce, a bunch of plum tomatoes and more turnips (with greens) than would fit in the fridge - all for $12. The farm that has the greens mentioned that everything had been cut the day before, and I love the idea of the food being so fresh and it lasts incredibly well. On my first trip there, I had chard that lasted close to two weeks!


  1. This is from the Sunday market? Seems like you have to get there pretty early to get the good stuff. My refrigerator is bare...need to stock up!

  2. It's the Saturday market in downtown Sanford - definitely worth the trip. On my last visit, I was there around noon. The one vendor was pretty wiped out, but the place I really like still had a bunch!