Monday, January 23, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 3 of 13

Well, the first two weeks of my 13-week meal plan went so smoothly that I couldn't expect it to last forever. We had two main glitches this week:

1. My soup on Tuesday turned out - well, let's just say it wasn't anybody's favorite. It was my first time making it, and it sure sounded like a winner. But, sadly, it is not and I'll be replacing it in the next rotation.

2. Lentil loaf and the OMG Onion Rings from Appetite for Reduction are two family favorites and go great together as a meal. Unfortunately, they're also both a major ordeal to make and I've decided that for the sake of my sanity, they will no longer be made on the same night. It probably didn't help that they were on the menu on a day that started at 7AM and never stopped. Next time around, I'll be pairing the lentil loaf with broccoli and a simple salad and adding the onion rings to some type of veggie plate.

Other than that, we're still enjoying the benefits of the pre-planning! Here's what we ate for Week 3:

Monday Breakfast Yogurt parfait

Lunch Everyday chickpea & quinoa salad

Snack Trail mix

Dinner Veggie sandwiches; fruit

Tuesday Breakfast Toast with peanut butter & banana

Lunch Tofu salad on green salad

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner  Arborio rice & white bean soup; salad

Wednesday Breakfast Cereal & fruit

Lunch Leftover soup & salad

Snack Raw veggies & dip

Dinner Lentil loaf, OMG onion rings, salad

Thursday Breakfast Yogurt parfait

Lunch PJ&B with raw veggies & fruit

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner  Mediterranean salad

Friday Breakfast Apple with peanut butter

Lunch Chickpea salad over green salad

Snack Raw veggies & dip

Dinner Pasta with broccoli, tomatoes & walnuts

Saturday Breakfast Cereal & fruit

Lunch Veggie sandwich; trail mix

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner Out or Leftovers

Sunday Breakfast Green smoothie & fruit

Lunch Cashew cheese log with raw veggies & crackers

Snack Apple with peanut butter

Dinner  Tofu scramble with spinach; potatoes


  1. what a great resource as I work to expand my own family's meatless meal ideas. So glad to have found you on the Top 25 list over at Circle of Moms. Will definitely keep voting for you, and coming back to this site. Keep up the great posts!!

  2. Thanks SO much! Just getting back from vacation and finally getting around to checking out Circle of Moms. Looking forward to checking out all the cool new blogs (yours included!)