Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 1

Well, the holidays are finally over . . . time to get back into a regular routine which will include a big overhaul of our eating habits. It's amazing how quickly they can go downhill when things are busy.

To be honest, I've been burned out on cooking for quite some time - and burned out on meal planning as well. In fact, when it came time to plan meals each week, I couldn't think of anything to make!

This year, I'm trying something new . . . a 13-week meal plan that will repeat four times a year. For now, I'm keeping breakfasts and lunches the same each week and just rotating the dinners. At the end of each week, I plan to evaluate that week's meals, eliminate anything we didn't all love and replace it with something new for the next rotation. I'm hoping that by tweaking it as I go along, I'll end up with something that works long-term!

I'm also trying to "theme" my dinners as follows:

Monday (quick & easy - it's T-ball night!)
Tuesday (soup & salad)
Wednesday (grain/bean dish or new recipe night)
Thursday (salad or veggie plate)
Friday (pasta)
Saturday (leftovers or dinner out)
Sunday (family favorites)

I'll be sharing each week's plan after we eat it, so that I can include any notes along with it - so check back next week for Week 1

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