Monday, January 16, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 2 of 13

So far, so good with the 13-week meal plan. We've still been happy with all our meals and have followed the plan with minimal variation. The only issue from this week is that my Publix no longer carries Garden of Eatin' taco shells (or any version that doesn't have junk in them) so we had to skip the tacos since I didn't have time to run to Whole Foods.

I should mention that we usually end up having lunch out about once a week, but I try to plan it on a day where our lunch ingredients will carry over to the following week. Also, I generally have juice for breakfast, so what's on my meal plan is what the kids eat (and they usually have a little juice, too).

Here it is . . . Week 2.

Monday Breakfast Yogurt parfait

Lunch Everyday chickpea & quinoa salad

Snack Trail mix

Dinner Santa Fe veggie wrap; fruit

Tuesday Breakfast Toast with pb & banana

Lunch Tofu salad on green salad

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner  Carrot bisque; salad

Wednesday Breakfast Cereal & fruit

Lunch Leftover soup & salad

Snack Raw veggies & dip

Dinner Sweet & sour rice, veggies & Gardein

Thursday Breakfast Yogurt parfait

Lunch PJ&B with raw veggies & fruit

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner  Roasted root veggies & kale salad

Friday Breakfast Apple with pb

Lunch Chickpea salad over green salad

Snack Raw veggies & dip

Dinner Pasta with sausage & peppers

Saturday Breakfast Cereal & fruit

Lunch Veggie sandwich; trail mix

Snack Green smoothie

Dinner  Out or Leftovers

Sunday Breakfast Green smoothie & fruit 

Lunch Cashew cheese log with veggies & crackers

Snack Apple with peanut butter

Dinner  Tacos (rice, beans, veggies)

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