Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Watermelon 5K

We have a few friends running the Watermelon 5K this weekend, so we were going to go out to support them and let the Sprouts run the kids race. Much to my surprise, Big Sprout - who's been obsessed with baseball to the exclusion of anything else, including running - asked to run the 5K instead. So since I can't turn a 7-year-old loose on the race course and just wait for him at the finish line, I signed us both up and will be trudging along with him on Monday.

Running with Big Sprout is always an adventure; the concept of "pacing yourself" is lost on kids (at least on mine). The three 5K's we've run together in the past have alternated between wild sprinting and moderate walking, so I can only guess what Monday's race has in store for me. But, I'm glad my running history has inspired him to try it every now and then - and hopefully his interest will inspire me as well!

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