Friday, July 1, 2011

Something Good for the Soul - Positive July

If there's one lesson I've learned so far this year, it's that my mental and emotional health are just as important as anything physical that I do - and in fact, the former definitely affect the latter. In the blur that was our May and June, I've struggled to remember this a bit, so when my friend Regina (whose blog I'd definitely link to if she was "public" with it yet . . . hint, hint) created an event called Positively July, I took it as the inspiration needed to get back on track.

Here's how it works:

Step 1. Share 31 days of positive energy with the world.

Step 2. Invite all you friends to participate in Positively July.

Step 3. Each day in the month of July select someone from the first five friends on your profile page and share something positively wonderful about them - something they have done for you, for a friend, or for the world, share how they cared more for another than for themselves or simply something positive about them.

Step 4. Be sure to tag that person in the status and include the event title: Positively July.

If you're not on Facebook, feel free to play along via e-mail or however you'd like. In fact, you can play along right here. In the spirit of Positively July, share with us how someone helped inspired your or your children towards better health . . . or better yet, share it with them!

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