Thursday, June 2, 2011

Supper Standby S.O.S

Well in case you couldn't tell, I'm a little burned out on cooking these days. Not so much burned out, perhaps, as overwhelmed with other things - cooking three meals a day would probably still sound fun if that's all I had to do. However, since these days cooking is at the bottom of a very long priority list, I just had a mini-meltdown in the kitchen. Not only did my cooking time get overridden by an urgent work project, but I didn't even have the ingredients to make us all a PB&J to eat on the way to the baseball game.

I'm lucky that my family doesn't mind leftovers or repetition, but even they have been getting tired of the easy staples I've been rotating through the past few weeks - veggie pitas, salad with Muir Glen soup and plain spaghetti. Fortunately, when I recovered from my temper tantrum, I noticed that I had everything I needed to whip up some Green Goddess Pasta - a super easy dish we all love.

So here's my S.O.S today . . . I'm searching for some new (to us) supper standbys that can be whipped up using ingredients I'd typically have on hand. Must be plant based, nutrient dense recipes (and for this, I'm flexible on the nutrient dense!) I'm starting the list with Green Goddess Pasta and hoping that you'll all chime in with recipes and links below so we can make a great list we all can use!!!


  1. My favorites:

    1 - Soup - any thing & everything can be put into the pot, add some of Bryanna's Broth Power ( & dinner is in 30.

    2 - Buddha Bowls - pick a grain, any grain (I usually cook a big pile once a week & refrigerate), add chopped veg...any veg, add a bean...any bean, top with a sauce (Asian, dressing, peanut sauce, bbq, whatever will go with your other ingredients), finish with a bit of chopped herbs. Eat hot or cold. This idea is based on Dandelion's Quinoa Pilaf

    Wild & Bright Blessings!

  2. The other day I tried the Peanut butter Pasta from Vegan A Go Go and I love it! All the ingredients are usually on hand (or replaceable) and it's tasty too.

  3. Thanks for the great ideas! Rhi, I love the "bowl" ideas from Appetite for Reduction (sounds similar) and need to try that more often. I've gotten lazy about pre-cooking grains.

    How have I not heard of Vegan A Go Go? Must investigate - sounds yummy! :)