Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Anyone wondering where I've been?

Yes, I know it's been quiet around here lately - mostly because at my house, it's been anything but quiet. Our low-key month of May was turned upside down when we found out that Jim's company was closing its operations in Florida - meaning that by month's end, he'd have no job. Fortunately, he had several calls by the time he woke up the next morning and was promptly hired on by one of his clients.

In the middle of all this was my spring dance recital, Big Sprout's year-end homeschool evaluation, a dramatic end to baseball season, the launch of our new business and a week's vacation at Disney. And then things really got busy.

Last week, the Sprouts and I had a photo shoot for PLAYGROUND Magazine, celebrated my dad's birthday (he passed away almost 11 years ago), attended Big Sprout's end-of-season party for baseball, celebrated Little Sprout's birthday, threw a fun-filled birthday bash and attended her dress rehearsal and tap recital. Plus new work projects for two separate clients. And, of course, Father's Day!

Was it an amazing few weeks? Yes! Am I glad it's over? Just a little. Turns out, there is such a thing as too much fun! I loved it all but couldn't maintain that pace for any length of time - at least not with my sanity and good lifestyle habits intact.

I'm sure it will take me a few weeks to catch up around here - I know I have many comments to respond to so I'll start there first. I've also promised to share recipes for some of the dishes I made for Little Sprout's birthday party, and I have new stories to share about our adventures in organized sports. And of course, I will be picking the winner for the May book giveaway in the next few days!!!

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