Saturday, October 1, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Kids4Kids Triathlon

Even though we'd just gotten back from vacation and were pretty tired of sitting in the car, we piled back into the minivan early last Saturday morning to head to Gainesville for the Kids4Kids triathlon. Since kids tri's with pool swims are hard to find, this great race is definitely worth the early morning and the drive!!!

Both Sprouts had been looking forward to this race for weeks, and it was their second year competing in the event. Last year, at age 6, Big Sprout won the 4-6 age group and Little Sprout, barely 4 and having just learned to ride without training wheels, completed her first triathlon (and loved it!)

This year's race was just as great, with a pool swim, closed bike course and trail run. Big Sprout is now 7, which means the two are in different age groups, making spectating much easier this year. They start the kids individually for the swim, and the process seemed to move much more quickly this year. Since the older kids start first, Big Sprout was actually done with his race before the 4-6 year-olds even started. Getting to watch both races in their entirely was a treat!

They both had great races and had a blast. In addition to enjoying the race, they made new friends from all over the state and enjoyed the games and activities set up for the kids after the race. This one will definitely be on our calendar again next year!!!

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