Sunday, September 25, 2011

DeBoles Organic Pasta for $0.35/Box at Whole Foods

Checking out at Whole Foods yesterday, I heard the cashier ask the customer in front of me if she had a coupon for the DeBoles organic pasta she was buying. When she didn't, he got one for her explaining that it made the pasta only $0.50 per box - and going on to add that he had a customer in earlier who bought 12 and got the case discount on top of the coupon savings.So of course I headed back there today to stock up on pasta! Here's the deal . . .

Several varieties of DeBoles pasta (mainly the ones in the 8 oz. boxes) are on sale for $1.50 (regular price $2.99). Buy 12 for $18.00, and you'll get a 10% case discount, bringing the price down to $16.20. Print out 12 $1/1 coupons from the Whole Foods website, and those 12 boxes will only cost you $4.20 - or $0.35/box! I stocked up on several varieties, including the Rice Angel Hair and Multigrain Spaghetti (both gluten free).

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