Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweet on Sunday - Vegan Treats at the Magic Kingdom

We visited the Magic Kingdom this past week and spent a wonderful family day at the park. The crowds were minimal, and the Sprouts were able to ride their favorite rides repeatedly with very little waiting - the perfect way to do Disney.

It was quite warm that day, and I have to admit that I felt the tiniest twinge of longing seeing just about everyone else walking around with ice cream cones. As we walked past the ice cream parlor on Main Street on our way out of the park, Jim quickly turned around saying something about tofu . . . turns out that he'd glimpsed "Tofutti" on the menu!

Much to the Sprouts' delight (all of our delight, actually), they were serving both Tofutti and Rice Dream ice creams (one chocolate and one vanilla). And while neither of these are my favorite non-dairy ice cream (that would be my own followed closely by SoDelicious coconut milk ice cream), they were definitely tasty enough to feel like a special treat.

While I thought I'd made a great, new discovery, it turns out that my friend Jill at Vegan in the Kitchen has known about it for a while now. Check out her comprehensive list of locations that serve non-dairy ice cream and other vegan options throughout the Disney parks.

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