Friday, September 28, 2012

Earth Origins Outlet in Lake Mary


This one is for the local folks . . . earlier this week, I stumbled upon a new health food store in Lake Mary. Earth Origins Outlet, located at the corner of Lake Mary Boulevard and Longwood Lake Mary Road - is a mid-size market that carries organic produce, groceries and supplements. 

I'd never heard of this chain before, but the name was enough the tempt me inside where I found a really nice assortment of organic goods. The produce is all organic, and it's nice to have a place on this side of town that carries Daiya cheese, kombucha and other products I usually have to drive quite a distance to buy. They also have a very extensive bulk section, lots of staples and snacks and a nice selection of supplements. 

I found the prices to be - as with most stores - great on some things and high on others. I picked up organic plum tomatoes for $1.99/pound, Leapin' Lemurs cereal for $2.50 and a large bag of Lundberg brown rice for $2.50, along with "almond butter stock" (raw almond pieces) for $5.99/pound. On the flip side, the Almond Breeze, hemp seeds and Earth Balance were higher than other local places.

Some of the produce looked a little past its prime, but I'll definitely be back to see if that improves. The produce prices seemed quite good, and the selection was nice so hopefully once they have more traffic and turnover, the quality will get fresher. 

The store has been open for several weeks but will be celebrating its grand opening tomorrow. If you are in the Lake Mary area, it is definitely worth checking out!!!


  1. A friend from church just told me about this place. Since we are over there a few times a week I look forward to trying it out! Thanks for your info here!!