Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stay Active Saturday - Family Pushup Challenge

Today's Stay Active Saturday post comes from my friend Kristin at Mind Over Body. As a mom of three and a personal trainer/endurance athlete, I thought she was the perfect person to contribute tips on keeping kids active. Her post today is a great example of how families can stay fit together . . .

Family Pushup Challenge
Guest post by Kristin at Mind Over Body
Pushups seem to be one of the most troubling of the exercises for people-naturally, more for women than men. Repeatedly, I work with women of all ages and pushups pose to be quite a challenge. Maybe even holding the plank position is difficult, but like with any other exercise that is hard at first, with time and repetition, it gets easier. I’ve wanted to increase my upper body strength and decided to incorporate the frequency I did pushups into my weekly routine.

I started doing some research online about this particular exercise and came upon a website called One Hundred Pushups. Once I saw this, it was exactly what I needed to do. It is a six-week challenge that prepares you for the final accomplishment of one hundred pushups-at one time! Since I recruited my husband on my last challenge, I reeled him along on this one, too! Before starting the workouts, you have to do a pushup test first to see how many, in good form, you can do at one time and then you can look up on the chart to see in what category, you fall into. You can also check out my blog to see a video of me doing my own push up test! 

The best part about this, is on the first day of doing our pushup challenge workout, my kids were right there and wanted to join in! My kids are already great at doing them, but if they are up to doing it with us, then that is great, too! Of course I won’t make them do the full hundred, but I’d like to see how many they will be able to do when the six weeks are up! The best time to instill fitness in your children is when they are young and having their parents setting the example is the first step!

I encourage you all to join in on this pushup challenge or at least start making it a habit and start seeing what it could do for you, and your family.  Oh, and for those who do the one hundred, there is an online badge to post on your blog or website to proudly “wear”. 

Kristin is a wife and mother of three whose passion for health and fitness drove her to pursue her personal training certification. In addition to competing in long-distance running and triathlon events, she enjoys reading, beach trips and cooking delicious, plant-based meals for her family. Visit her blog or Facebook page for additional fitness tips or to learn about her personal training services.


  1. Hmm I might have my family try this. I would like to think I could beat my kids at something, since I can't win at video games. I used to do pushups everyday now I might have to practice first, LOL!

  2. That's awesome, Melissa. I'd be afraid my kids would win. LOL! :)